Skin Services



At Blackwood Skin & Beauty, skin is our thing! We offer a range of skin services to suit any skin’s needs, from the ultimate in relaxation and mindfulness to advanced aesthetic modalities and procedures.

We believe that a great facial should be completely customised to each individual’s current skin condition and need. We won’t confuse you with 20 different options on our menu: it’s our job to assess the best course of action and treatment for you, so every one of our facials will be tailored to suit you. 

Skin Health Check

*cost redeemable on product

This facial is a great introduction to your skin and through thorough analysis and consultation, we will help you identify your skin conditions and areas of concern, before developing a long term plan to treat them. We will teach you how to introduce and properly utilise active ingredients in your home care routine and we will recommend professional treatments.

This facial will leave you with a confident understanding of how to look after your skin to have the skin you deserve.

Teen Skin Fit Facial

$89 (45 mins)
Smiling young woman with skin problems in bathrobe takes care face skin at home. aplying cream

Geared towards supporting teen and adolescent skins through hormonal changes and challenges. Young skin can often be problematic, with many of the products on the current market completely stripping the skin leaving it sensitised and inflamed. Our approach to young skin is different and we believe in helping the skin find harmony and balance, clearing blemishes while respecting skins healthy barrier function.

This treatment will help clear blemishes and blockages as well as educate you on how to support your skin in a healthy way at home.

Mindfulness Facial

$99 (1hr)
Our mindfulness Facial is designed for those who are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and self care. These skin treatments will calm, refresh and revitalize a tired and stressed mind and skin. This is combined with a guided meditation where guests can put on the headsets, forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a mindfulness journey.  
You will leave with a calm, clear mind and your skin glowing from within.


 O Cosmedics is a premium Australian Professional skincare brand with a focus on clinically proven, results-driven formulas.

Australia’s number one Cosmedical skincare range, ‘Cosmedics’ uses a blend of cosmetic and medical grade technology. O was designed to fight the five major causes of aging and correct serious skin conditions. Powered by functional ingredients – the right dose of actives required to stimulate a cellular response

Our O Cosmedics facials offer major skin corrective results.

Clinical Essential Facial

$99 ( 45 mins)

Our clinical facial include the application one or more of our advanced  o cosmedics clinical peels. Our peels deliver proven vitamins, powerful antioxidant peptides, and offer a huge variety of targeted ingredients to treat all major skin conditions.

*Add microdermabrasion or LED for $25ea

Comprehensive Bespoke Facial

$139 (75 mins)

This facial has the lot, most people who have it walk out saying it’s the best facial they’ve ever had. This package includes a thorough analysis, cleanse, microdermabrasion, one of our advanced O Cosmedics clinical peels, steam and extractions if required, face, neck and scalp massage, specialty mask, hydration, SPF and LED light therapy.


A Skin Juice treatment is like a degustation for the skin. A skin nourishing story told by igniting the senses. A progressive dinner of tantalising skincare, cleansing, quenching, warming, soothing and satisfying your skin.

Juice Break

$89 (45mins)

Soothe and strengthen? Bounce and brilliance? Clarify and balance? During your Juice Break let’s find the juicy exfoliating peel that’s going to refresh and awaken your skin. We’ll quench your thirst with a zesty hydration hit, nourish your skin with fruitful nutrients and satisfy your senses with hearty helping of vitality. Delicious

Scrumptious Skin

$129 (75 mins)

Ignite your senses with this release from the ordinary. Your Juicy Mixologist will cater to your skin’s needs with an enticing juicy facial feast and massage, designed to boost and balance. Incorporating seven courses to refresh, soothe, enliven and delight. But don’t forget to enjoy the ambiance. Revel in the aromatic storyline of your treatment, designed to ground you, unwind you and energise you.

Body Treatments

Blackwood Body & Soul

$155 (90 mins)

This decadent treatment is for those looking for the ultimate relaxation and pampering experience. Be completely spoilt and turned to jelly as you are treated from head to toe. 

This treatment includes dry body brushing to shift away dead, dry skin cells, massage of the back, neck, shoulders and scalp, a hand and foot massage and treatment, mini facial with mask and hot stones.

Top-to-Toe Body glow

$99 (1 hour)
Closeup of sleeping lady getting body treatment at spa

A berry fruity exfoliation to reveal bright and glowing skin. Delicious blueberry infused drops are massaged onto the body to smooth, revive and hydrate the skin

Advanced Treatments



Skin needling is a skin treatment aimed at improving appearance, texture, and overall quality of the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production using a microneedling device. It creates minuscule puncture channels in the dermal and/or epidermal layers of the skin, to deliver hyaluronic acid and other targeted ingredients. These trigger a series of growth factors, which lead to the break up of pigmented or damaged cells, stimulate epidermal cell proliferation and increase collagen and elastin production.

Microneedling can deeply and effectively treat many skin concerns including lines and wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne and scarring.